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1 Stop Chandeliers
1 Stop Lighting - Track Lighting
14th Street Stage Lighting, Inc. (NY)
2ndStage, Inc. (Ontario)
4Wall Entertainment / (NV)

A to Z Theatrical Supply & Service, Inc. (MO)
A V Pro, Inc. (TX)
AC Entertainment Technologies Ltd (UK)
A.C.T. Enterprises, Inc. (WA)
A.C.T. Lighting, Inc. (CA)
Abrisa Glass & Coatings (CA)
APS Lighting-Sound-A/V (NH)
Acey Decy Lighting (CA)
Acme Corp. Production Services (WI)
Action Lighting (MT)

Active Production and Design, Inc. (GA)
ADB - TTV Technologies S.A. (Belgium)
Advanced Devices, Inc. (CA)
Advanced Entertainment Services (NV)
Advanced Lighting & Production Services/ALPS (MA)
Advanced Lighting & Sound Solutions (CT)

All Bulbs & Expendables (NY)

All Pro Sound (FL)
Altman Stage Lighting (NY)
Altstar Co., Inc. (NY)
Alumifax, Inc. (NV)
American DJ Supply, Inc. (CA)
American Insulated Wire Corp. (RI)
American Lighting. Inc. (CO)
Angstrom Stage Lighting (CA)
Anvil Cases (CA)
Apollo Design Technology (IN)
Appalachian Light & Production (TN)
Applied Electronics (VA)
Arcadian Lighting (CA)
Aria Show Technology & Service, LLC (MI)
ARRI Inc. (NY & CA)
Artistic Blacklight Creations/Decor (CA)
Artistic Licence, Ltd. (England)
AS Technology/Archer NV (Belgium)
ASL-USA Intercom (CA)
Associated Controls & Design/ A.C.D. (IL)
Associated Theatrical Contractors (MO)
ATL Events (CA)
Atlanta Light Bulbs (GA)
Atlantic Stage Lighting (MD)
ATR/Treehouse (RI)
Audio Unlimited (NY)
Audio Visual Resources, LLC (NY)
Automated Entertainment (CA)
AVAB Scandinavia AB (Sweden)
Avalanche Concert Lighting & Stage
AVB American, Inc. (CA)
Avenger Systems (Belgium)
Avolites America, Inc. (TN)
Axxis (KY)

Bairstow Distributing (GA)
Baltimore Stage Lighting (MD)
Band World, Inc. (Ontario)
Bandit Lites
Barbizon (National)
Bay Stage Lighting, Inc. (FL)
Beacon AB (Sweden)
Belle Lighting (NY)
Ben-Ri Electronica S.A. (Spain)
Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Inc. (NY)
Bestek Lighting & Staging (NY)
Betop Lighting (China)
Big Apple Lights (NY)
Bishop/Petty Lighting (TX)
Blackhurst Stagegear (CA)
BLI Lighting Specialists
BlissLights (CA)
Blue Hill Design, Inc. (NY)
Blue Sea Lights (China)
BMI Supply (NY & SC)
BML Inc. (NJ)
BN Productions (MA)
Bradfield Stage Lighting (TN)
Branded Lighting (UK)
Bravo Productions (CA)
Brawner & Associates (MO)
Bright Light Sight & Sound (AR)
Brilliant Lighting (GA)
Brite Lites (OH)
Bulb Direct (NY)
Bulbman, Inc.
Bulbtronics (NY & CA)
Bylites, Inc. (AR)

CAE, Inc. (MI)
California Stage & Lighting, Inc. (CA)
Candela Controls, Inc. (FL)
Cannon Stage Lighting, Inc. (MD)
Caramel Sound, Music & Lights (NY)
Cast Lighting, Ltd. (Ontario)
Casters of Oklahoma (OK)
Channel One Lighting Systems (OK)
Chauvet (FL)
Chicago Spotlight (IL)

Christie Lites Stage & Studio Lighting (Int'l)
Cine Services, Inc. (MO)
Cinema Xenon International Inc. (CA)
Cinemills (CA)
Circuit Lighting, Inc. (NJ)
City Theatrical, Inc. (NY)
Clay-Paky (NY)
Color Kinetics, Inc. (MA)
Colortran (OR & FL)
Communilux Productions (TX)
Company de Roth (OK)
Complete Production Resources (FL)

Compulite Systems 2000 Ltd. (Israel)
Cooke Corporation, The (NY)
Coronado Corp. (MD)
Creative Stage Design (NC)
Creative Stage Lighting Co. (NY)
Crescit Software (CAN)
Crystalite Industries, Inc. (FL)
Cutting Edge Communications, Inc. (OK)

Darcor Casters (Ontario)
DASLIGHT (FL & France)
Dazian (NY)
Dazor Manufacturing Corp. (MO)
De Sisti Lighting (NJ)
Design & Drafting (IL)
DesignLab Chicago (IL)
DHA Lighting Ltd. (England)

Digibid (CT)
Disco Designer

Diversitronics, Inc. (IL)
DJ Light Studio

Doug Fleenor Design (CA)
Douglas Welch Design (BC)
Dove Lighting Systems (CA)
Downhome Productions (MO & TN)
Dudley Theatrical (NC)

Earl Girls (NJ)
Eckert's Lighting (IN)
Eclipse Lighting (NC)

Edwin Jones Co., Inc. (TX)
EIDE Industries (CA)
Electrol Engineering, Inc. (MD)
Electronic Lighting Services (CA)
Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. (WI)
Electronics Diversified, Inc. (OR)
Elektralite/Group One, Ltd
Elektrim North America (IL)
Enchantment Lighting
Entertainment Lighting Services/ELS
Entertainment Systems (NJ)
Entertainment Systems Corp. (VA)
Entertainment Technology (TX)
Equi-Tech (OR)
ETA Systems (OH)
Events FX (NY)
Excel Lighting Productions (NY)
Explosion Lighting & Draping Company, Inc. (PA)

FABCO Neon & Cold Cathode Fabricating Co. (FL)
Fantasee Lighting (MI)
Farralane Lighting & Audio (NY)
Fastlane Productions (MA)
Fazetron-STTV Co., Inc. (IN)
Ferra Technical Services (CA)
Field Template (CA)
First Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Flagler Productions (KS)

Flashback Stage Lighting (CA)
Fluorescent Ballast.US
Focus Lighting (NY)
Fourth Phase (National)
Fresnel, S.A. (Spain)
Full Circle Lighting (GA)
Full Compass (WI)
Future Light, Inc. (OH)


GAMProducts, Inc. (CA)

Gatto & Associates Television Lighting & Consulting (FL)
GE Lighting (OH)
Gemini Sound Products (NJ)
General Electric Company (OH)
General Theatrical Supply / GTS (UT)
Geni Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
George & Goldberg Design Associates (CA)
Georgia Stage, Inc. (GA)
Gerriet's International (NJ)
GRT Genesis (Ontario)
Glass Illuminations (CA)

Gobo Express, Inc. (AZ)
Goddard Design Co. (NY)
Goodwin Lighting Services (KY)
Gopher Stage Lighting (MN)
Grand Stage Company (IL)
Great American Market, The (CA)
Great Performance Products (Winnipeg)
Grosh Scenic Rentals, Inc. (CA)
Group One Ltd. (NY)
GSD Productions, Inc. (NY)

High Tech Int'l Consignment Services (PA)
Hatch Transformers, Inc. (OH) (UT)
High End Systems, Inc. (TX)
High Output
(New England)
Hogle's Theatrical Supply, Inc. (NM)
Hollywood Lights, Inc. (OR)
Holzmueller Corporation (CA)
Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd. (UK)
Hubbell Entertainment, Inc. (FL)
Hyatt & Associates, Inc. (MI)

Illumination Production Services, Inc. (NY)
Imagination Illumination (LA)
Indianapolis Stage Sales/Rent (IN)
Indy Pro Audio Production Services (IN)
Integrated Art Systems, Inc. (WI)
Intelligent Control Devices (CO)
Intelligent Lighting Creations (IL)
Intelligent Lighting Distributions (GA)
Interactive Technologies, Inc. (FL)
Interlight Specialty Bulbs (IN)
International Association of Lighting Designers/IALD (IL)

Jack A. Frost, Ltd. (Ontario)
James Thomas Engineering, Inc. (TN)
Jireh Supplies (GA)
JKLD Incorporated (NY)
John Nelson Production Toys Inc. (VA)
Johnson Systems, Inc. (Alberta)
Jones & Phillips Associates. Inc. (IN)
Jordan Electronics (CA)

K-24 Lighting (FL)
Kennedy & Sons, Inc. (MO)
Kevin Lee Allen Design Inc./KLAD (NJ)
Kinetic Artistry, Inc. (MD)
Kinetic Lighting (CA)

Kino Flo, Inc. (CA)
KLS Electronics
Knight Sound & Lighting Co. (OH)
KPS Productions, Inc. (VT)
KUPO Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

L.E. Nelson Sales Corp. (NV) (NM)
LED Rope Lights & More
Lee Filters (CA)
Lehigh Electric Products (PA)
Leviton / NSI Colortran Division (NY)
Lex Products Corp. (CT)
Light & Sound Design (CA)
Light Solutions (TX)
Light Theatrics (NJ)

Light Source, The (SC)
Light Waves Concept (NY)
Lightech Service Co. (CO)
Lighting & Electronics, Inc. (NY)
Lighting & Production Equipment, Inc. (GA)
Lighting Associates Templates (CT)
Lighting by Monty Ltd. (Alberta)
Lighting Camera S.A. (Peru)
Lighting Labels (CA)
Lighting Services, Inc. (NY)
Lighting Supply Co. (MI)
Lighting Technology Group (England) (IL) (CA)
Lightpower GMBC (Germany)
Lightronics, Inc. (VA)
Lightstream, Inc. (NY)
LightTrader (CA)
Limelight Productions (MA)
Line Lite International B.V. (Holland)
Lite-Q Spotlight Software (MO)
Lite-trol Service Company (NY)
Litetronics International (IL)
Little Gidding, Ltd. (MD)
Littlite / CAE, Inc. (MI)

Littman Bros. Lighting (IL)

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Lowell Light Mfg. (NY)
Lumenyte International (CA)

Lumisphere U.S.A. (VA)
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. (PA)
LuxArt Conception (Canada)
LVH Entertainment Systems (CA)
Lycian Stage Lighting (NY)
Lytequest Pro (NH)

M.L.S.C. Lighting Hardware & Software (AL)
MA Lighting (Germany)
Macostar Hong Kong Ltd. (China)
Magnum Companies, Ltd., The (GA)
Main Light Industries (DE)
Marble Co. (FL)
Marinco Specialty Wiring Devices (CA)
Martin Professional (FL)
MBT Lighting & Sound (SC)
Meteor Light & Sound (AL)
MGC Lamps (UK)
Miami Stagecraft, Inc. (FL)
Mid-America Sound Corp. (IN)
Mid-West Scenic & Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. (WI)
Midnight Design, Ltd. / Fourth Phase (England)
Mikan Theatricals (NH)
Minolta Lighting Software (NJ)
ML Nelson Design (IL)
Mole-Richardson Co. (CA)
Moonlight Illumination (CA)
Morpheus Lights (CA) (CA & NY)
Multi-Tech Productions, Inc. (FL)
Murphy Lighting Systems (FL)
Musique Xpress Lightins, Inc. (PR)
Musson Theatrical, Inc. (CA)

N&N Productions (NV)
Nautilus Entertainment Design, Inc. (CA)
Nemetschek North America (MD)
New Century Lighting (NM)
Norcostco (National)
Northeastern Production Systems (NY)
Northrop Grumman, VEAM/TEC (CT)
Novita (Ontario)
NSI / Leviton (OR)
Nutech Industries, Inc. (NV)

Oasis Stage Werks (UT)
On Location Lighting Systems, Inc. (KY)
On Stage Visuals (MI)

Ontario Staging Limited (Ontario)
Opaque Lighting, Inc. (IL)
Optikinetics, Ltd. (VA)
Osram Sylvania, Inc. (MA)
Outwater Plastic Industries, Inc. (NJ)

Pacific Event Lighting (CA)
Pacific Northwest Theatre Associates, Inc. (WA)
Pani GMBH (Austria)
Paragon Productions, Inc. (SC)
Parlights, Inc. (MD)
Partech Lighting Systems (OH)
Pathway Connectivity (Alberta)
Pearl River Light & Acoustics Industrial Ltd. (China)
Pegasus Lighting (PA)
Penn Fabrication, Inc. (NJ)
Performance Lighting Rentals (PA)
Petrino Design Studio (NY)
Philips Lighting Company (NJ)
The Phoebus Company, Inc. (CA)
Physical Optics (CA)
Pittsburgh Stage, Inc. (PA)
PLA Designs, Inc. (OR)
Planet DJ
Polaris Lighting, Inc. (NJ)
Port Lighting Systems (MA)
Precision Theatrical Lighting & Effects
Premier Lighting & Production Company (CA)
Premier Production Services, Inc. (PA)
PRG Lighting Group (NV)
Primelight Manufacturing (NY)
Pro Design Lighting (Australia)
Pro Stage, Inc. (MD)
Procon Multimedia AG (Germany)
Production Advantage. Inc. (VT)
Production Design International, Inc. (Ontario)
Production Express, Inc. (PA)

Professional Lighting & Sound Association/PLASA (UK)

Professional Stage Lighting (PA)
Projec, Inc. (Quebec)
Promulux Lighting International (BC)
Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd (UK)

Quality Lighting (IL)
Quickbeam Systems, Inc. (NM)

R.A.T., Ltd. (England)
R.H. Blake, Inc. (OH)
R.J.L. International Group, Inc. (FL)

R&R Lighting Co., Inc. (MD)
Radiant Creations (MO)
NEW!! Resolution Rentals (PA)
Richter Scale Productions, Inc. (CO)
Road Dog Systems (CA)
Robe Show Lighting S.R.O. (Czech)
Robert A. Clapp & Associates (NJ)
Robert Juliat (France)
Roctronics (MA)
Rosco Laboratories, Inc. (CT)
RZI Inc. (LA)

S&J Lighting Zone
Sacramento Theatrical Lighting (CA)
Safeguard Lighting Systems, Inc. (PA)
SalPro Event Services (FL)
San Antonio Sound & Light (TX)
San Diego Sound & Lighting (CA)
San Diego Stage & Lighting (CA)
Scharff Weisberg, Inc. (NY)
Schuler & Shook (MN)
Seachanger (FL)
Seattle Stage Lighting & Equipment Co. (WA)
See Factor Industry, Inc. (NY)
Selecon Performance Lighting (NZ)

SET-Systems (Finland)
SGM Elettronica SRL (Italy)
SGM Lighting
Shadowstone, Inc. (NJ)
Shannon Luminous Materials (CA)
Show Factory, The (CA)
ShowCAD Control Systems (UK)
Sierra Lighting Services (NV)
Sigma Services, Inc. (FL)
Silhouette Lights & Staging (WA)
Sitler's Supplies, Inc. (IA)
SLD Lighting (NY)
SME Enterprises (NY)
Solaris (GA)
SOS Lightbulbs
Sound Illumination (OR)
Southern Lites
Special FX Lighting, Inc. (UT)
Spectrum Lighting Sound & Beyond (AZ)
Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. (Ontario)
Spence Sound & Stage Lighting (CT)
Sperry Events, Inc. (NJ)
Stage Equipment & Lighting (FL)
Stage Front Presentation Systems (GA)
Stage Lighting Rental Service (CT)
Stage Tech, Inc. (IN)
Stage-Tech (CA)

Stagecraft Industries (OR)
Stagefront Presentation Systems (CA)
StageLight, Inc. (TX & LA) (CA)
Stageworks (AR)
Stageworks Lighting, Ltd. (NC)
Star-Lite Global Inc. (CA)
Starlite Productions (NJ)
Starlite Services (CA)
Starry Night Lights
Strand Lighting (CA)
Strohmeier Lighting, Inc. (NY)
Strong Entertainment Lighting (NE, CA & FL)
Superstar Lighting Co. LTD (Taiwan)
Supertech, Inc. (CT)
Switch Lighting Performing Inc. (PR)
Syncrolite LP (TX)
Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting Co, Inc. (NY)

T2K (CA)
Teatronics / Entertainment Lighting Controls (CA)
Techni-Lux, Inc. (FL)
Technical Artistry, Inc. (NY)
Technical Productions, Inc. (MO)
TEI Electronics (FL)
Tempest Lighting Inc. (NY)
Texas Scenic Co. (TX)
Theatre Effects (MD)
Theatre Service & Supply Corp. (MD)
Theatreworks (MO)
Theatrical Lighting Service (CA)
Theatrical Lighting Systems/TLS (AL & GA)
Theatrical Media Services, Inc. (NE)
Theatrical Services, Inc. (KS)
Theatrical Services & Supplies, Inc. (NY)
Theatrical (TX)
Theatrix, Inc. (CO)
Theatrix, Inc. (MA)
Thomas James Productions (IN)
Times Square Lighting (NY)
TMB (Int'l)
Toleeto Fastners, Inc. (CA)
TOMCAT USA, Inc. (Int'l)
Tools for Stagecraft (CA)
Top Lighting Equipment Co. (Taiwan)
Tower Lighting (MA)
TPR Enterprises, Ltd. (NY)
Tracoman, LLC (FL)
Transtechnik Lichtsysteme GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Ultimate Presentation Systems, Inc. (AZ)
Ultratec Fibre Optics (BC)
Uni-Par Lighting (NY)
Union Connector (NY)
UniPar Lighting Corp. (KY)
Universal Lighting (FL)
Upstaging, Inc. (IL) (NV)
Ushio America, Inc. (CA)

Vadar Production Company, Inc. (FL)
Vanguard Lighting (CT)
Vantage Lighting (CA)
Vari-Lite, Inc. (TX)
Vari-Lite Production Services (Int'l)
Vincent Lighting Systems
Visions Lighting (CA)
Vista Productions, Inc. (MO)
Visual Effects, Inc. (NY)
VPLT: The Professional Lighting & Sound Association of Germany (Germany)

Washington Source, The (MD)
West Side Systems (NY)
Westsun Las Vegas (NV)
Wildfire Inc. (CA)
William F. White International (Ontario)
World Audio & Lights (TX)
Worship Resources (OH)
Wybron, Inc. (CO)

XS Lighting (KS)

Zero 88 Lighting Ltd. (Wales)