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Become a Partner

At The Dusty Shelf, we're not in it to make a profit for ourselves.  We are volunteer administrators - lackies, if you will ('cause we will).  100% of the proceeds from the books go to the cause noted on the book page. Shipping fees charged pay for shipping.  It's really that simple.  We're trying to do something positive in the world. We have the time (sort of) and ability to maintain this site and process orders, so that's what we do... for you! 

STEP 1: YOU get us the books you'd like to have us offer on the site

STEP 2: We post your books on the site and, when they're purchased...

STEP 3: We ship them to the buyer!

We keep an accounting of all of the books that have sold, as well as the funds raised from your donations (which you will receive a copy of), and, when a minimum of $25 is accrued...

STEP 4: We make a donation on your behalf to the cause you've chosen!

Got a few books you'd like to clear off your shelves? To become a Dusty Shelf Partner, email JulieAnn!