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TITLE: Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish's Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely While Eating Abundantly (Paperback) (December, 2000)

PRICE: $1.50
CONDITION: Very Good. Minor shelf/handling wear.

SYNOPSIS: You really can eat more and weigh less -- if you know what to eat. As this groundbreaking book clearly shows, it's not just how much you eat, it's primarily what you eat. Most diets rely on small portion sizes to reduce calories sufficiently. You feel hungry and deprived. Dr. Ornish's program takes a new approach: abundance rather than deprivation. If you change the type of food, you don't have to be as concerned about the amount of food. You can eat whenever you're hungry , eat more food -- and still lose weight and keep it off. Simply. Safely. Easily. In this book, you'll find 250 gourmet recipes from the country's most celebrated chefs. Unlike high-protein diets that may mortage your well-being, Dr. Ornish's diet and lifestyle program is scientifically proven to help you lose weight and gain health. People not only keep off the weight, they lower their cholestoral and reduce their chances for getting heart disease and such other illnesses as breast, prostate, and colon cancer; diabetes; osteoporosis; and hypertension. Dr. Ornish's program has given millions of people new hope and new choices. 425 Pages. ISBN: 0060959576

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TITLE: The Fit or Fat Target Diet: The Easiest Plan for Your Best Diet by Covert Bailey (Paperback)

PRICE: $1.50
CONDITION: Very Good. Minor shelf/handling wear.

SYNOPSIS: A sound and simple nutritional program for choosing the healthiest foods and achieving permanent weight loss without gimmicks. Bailey employs a unique target system that helps easily balance one's diet to obtain the full range of nutrition and reduce harmful fat. 135 Pages. ISBN: 0395510821

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TITLE: Vegetarianism: A Way of Life by Dudley Giehl (Paperback)

PRICE: This book is on our shelves but not online just yet. 
CONDITION: Good. Some shelf/handling wear.