African American Theatre Companies

We stumbled across this focused list and thought we'd include it in our listings... if you know of more ethically-specific companies - please let us know!

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bullet African American Drama Company (San Francisco)
bullet African American Performing Arts Community Theater (Miami)
bullet African American Repertory Theater (TX)
bullet African Continuum Theatre (DC)
bullet African-American Shakespere Company (San Francisco)
bullet American Negro Playwright Theatre (Nashville)
bullet Amun Ra Theatre (Nashville)
bullet Andre-Lee Ellis & Company (WI)
bullet Anthony Bean Theater Company (New Orleans)
bullet Billie Holiday Theatre (Brooklyn)
bullet Black Academy of Arts and Letters (Dallas)
bullet Black Ensemble Theater (Chicago)
bullet Black Spectrum Theatre (Jamaica, NY)
bullet Black Theatre Troupe (Phoenix)
bullet Black Women Playwrights' Group (DC)
bullet Blacken Blues Theater (Dallas)
bullet Bushfire Theatre Company (Philadelphia)
bullet Carpetbag Theatre (Knoxville)
bullet Cincinnati Black Theatre Company
bullet Classical Theatre of Harlem
bullet Collards and Caviar Productions (Nashville)
bullet Common Ground Theatre (San Diego)
bullet Congo Square Theatre Company (Chicago)
bullet Crossroads Theatre Company (New Brunswick)
bullet Cultural Odyssey (San Francisco)
bullet Current Theatre Company (Toronto)
bullet Detroit Repertory Theatre
bullet Ebony Expressions - A Lady C Production Company (DE)
bullet Emerald Entertainment (Cleveland)
bullet Ensemble Theater (Houston)
bullet ETA (Chicago)
bullet Evelyn Graves Drama Productions (Philadelphia)
bullet First World Theatre Ensemble (Swarthmore, PA)
bullet Forbidden Fruit Theatre Company (Los Angeles)
bullet Freedom Theatre (Philadelphia)
bullet Hansberry Project at ACT (Seattle)
bullet Harlem Ensemble Company (MI)
bullet Harlem Stage
bullet Hattiloo Theatre (Memphis)
bullet Ikam Productions
bullet Images Theatre Company (CA)
bullet Impact Repertory Theatre (NYC)
bullet InnerAct Productions (Brooklyn)
bullet Inspiration Inc. Arts in the Community (TX)
bullet iTheatre Collaborative (Phoenix)
bullet Ivory Arts, Inc. (CA)
bullet Jubilee Theatre (Ft. Worth)
bullet Jump Start Theatre Company (San Antonio)
bullet Juneteenth Legacy Theatre (Louisville)
bullet Karamu House (Cleveland)
bullet Kuntu Repertory Theatre (Pittsburgh)
bullet Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center (Seattle)
bullet NEW!! Live Garra Theatre (MD)
bullet Lorraine Hansberry Theatre (San Francisco)
bullet Los Angeles African American Repertory Company
bullet M Ensemble (Miami)
bullet Ma'at Association of African Centered Theatre (MPAACT) (Chicago)
bullet Mad River Theater Works (West Liberty, OH)
bullet Mahogany Project (Seattle)
bullet Mixed Blood Theatre (Minneapolis)
bullet Mosaic Youth Theatre (Detroit)
bullet The Naroshmi Theatre Company (NC)
bullet National Black Theatre (NY)
bullet Negro Ensemble Company (NYC)
bullet New Federal Theatre (NYC)
bullet New Jomandi Theatre (Atlanta)
bullet New Venture Theatre (Baton Rouge, LA)
bullet New World Theater (Amherst, MA)
bullet North Carolina Black Repertory Company (Winston-Salem)
bullet Nu Black Arts West Theatre (WA)
bullet Obsidian Theatre (Canada)
bullet Opera Ebony (NYC)
bullet Our Place Theater (Boston)
bullet Penumbra Theatre Company (Minneapolis)
bullet People's Theatre (Orlando)
bullet Plowshares Theater Company (Detroit)
bullet Providence Black Repertory Company (RI)
bullet Riant Theatre (NYC)
bullet Rites and Reason Theatre (Providence, RI)
bullet Robey Theatre Company (LA)
bullet Stage Aurora Theatrical Company (FL)
bullet SweetPea Producers (NY)
bullet Take Wings and Soar (NYC)
bullet The Black Rep (St. Louis)
bullet The Essential Theatre (DC)
bullet THEARC (DC)
bullet Towne Street Theatre (LA)
bullet True Colors Theatre Company (Atlanta)
bullet Ujima Theatre Company (Buffalo)
bullet Unity Theatre Company (St. Louis)
bullet Up You Mighty Race (Boston)
bullet Upstage Theatre Company (LA)
bullet Watts Village Theater Company (LA)
bullet Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe (Sarasota, FL)